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Some kind words about the Royal Alfred Seafarers' Society from residents, relatives and staff...

“Margaret received the continuing tender loving care which the members of her family could not match, and while she was ‘aware’ she was virtually restored to her normal smiley and singing self – such a relief and help to us. We cannot stress enough what wonderful people you have and how much Margaret appreciated the constant help and understanding she received from the management, nurses, carers and all other staff.”
-R. J. Coles, whose wife Margaret was a resident

“A very big thank you for your commitment and high quality of care Daphne and the residents have been receiving from all of you. You have uplifted not only her stay with you but us, her family and friends who you have always welcomed warmly.”
-Daphne Herd and family

“We were pleased when Patrick was accepted at Belvedere House for what was to be the last five weeks of his life. This was greatly enhanced by the wonderful staff who cared for him so well in such delightful surroundings. We cannot give enough praise to all the staff we came into contact with for the way they dealt with Patrick and ourselves. They were always very kind, considerate, pleasant and obliging.”
-Michael Roach, whose brother Patrick was a resident.

“I’ve made lots of friends here and can access all the support I need. They run regular outings too, we’ve been all over the place, including river boat trips. Having the salon on site is much more convenient in comparison to the high street and the prices are more favourable. It is nice to have a salon to go to instead of having a hairdresser visit my room as it’s a bit more social.”
-Resident Roy Ticehurst, a Royal Navy veteran, commenting on the on-site hairdressing salon

“With my Gran suffering from the later stages of dementia she could no longer be properly cared for in her own home by my Grandad, her husband of over 60 years. The decision to move her to the Royal Alfred Seafarer’s Society’s Weston Acres nursing care home in Banstead was far from easy but it allowed her to live out the last six months of her life under the constant expertise of caring nurses. Weston Acres has a uniquely upbeat feel to it, the range of activities and events organised by staff keep everybody entertained. My Gran loved singing and the weekly sing-a-long was certainly a highlight for her.”
-Paul Wells, the grandson of resident Edith Warren who sadly passed away in January 2012

“The Royal Alfred Seafarers’ Society encourages residents to talk about things they enjoyed doing in the past and arranges for them to do those activities in the home. My mother always enjoyed flower arranging so we often spend the morning arranging flowers in vases.”
-Shirley Cogliatti on the care received by her mother Margaret, who was diagnosed with dementia in 2005

“If you have to place your dad in a care home, make sure it is the best - we did. The home is set in lovely grounds and it is a pleasure to visit my dad and the staff who have become friends to both dad and the family.”
-Doug Woods, relative of a resident

“My Dad was in a home previously which wasn't a patch on Belvedere House. Sadly dad died in October but my Mum moved in there last week. It's a lovely place and the staff are great. They deserve all the praise they get.”
-Angela Eden, relative of a resident

“If I won the lottery tomorrow I would not want to leave Weston Acres.”
-Geoff Talbot, resident (formerly Royal Navy and Merchant Navy)

 “Dementia sufferers take comfort from care provided by people and in an environment with which they are familiar.  The Society understands that need and already works hard to make life easier for residents with the condition and indeed all other residents under its care.”
-Captain Duncan Glass MBE, Society chairman on dementia care provided by the home

“I am writing to thank you and all your wonderful staff for the love and care my dear wife Jean received during her time at Belvedere House. I firmly believe we were very lucky to be in such a caring and professional environment where old age is respected, thus providing such a dignified quality of life. I know Jean was looked after with great kindness.
“The day trips, entertainment, putting green, quiz nights, fun-filled cricket matches and not least the wonderful grounds, which Jean and I took great delight in walking around, are greatly appreciated by the residents and their families. Your home is inspirational.”
-Bill Rackham, husband of a resident who sadly passed away in 2011

“I’m very happy here. There’s so much going on, you can join in  if you want or not, it’s your choice. No other care homes I’ve been in over the years are better than the Royal Alfred Seafarers’ Society.”
-Tom Anthony, resident (formerly Royal Navy)

“With such a vibrant and diverse past, Betty could not have done without the support of the Royal Alfred Seafarers’ Society. In addition to first-class nursing and residential care, she can enjoy sharing stories with fellow seafarers from Royal Navy and other backgrounds.
“We are so proud of her for the service she has done her country. That’s why she deserves to enjoy these years of her life in comfort and safety, as do so many like her.”
-David Walsh, relative of a former ‘Wren’ who resides at the home

“The internet café [at the home] is a wonderful idea and is used by many of the residents here.  Many of them have family or friends who live a long way away and it can sometimes be difficult keeping in touch with them. Now we have a way to stay in touch during the often long gaps between actually seeing them.”
-A resident